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I Offer Multiple Courses

How can I help you?

I can be your personal life coach through one of these topics.

Wellness Coach

Would you like me to chat with you daily about your overall wellness?  This program is perfect for anyone looking to build a better self!

Tobacco Coach

Interested in quitting tobacco?  I’d love to help you each day!  This course uses evidence-based medical approaches to help you succeed in your efforts.

Alcohol Coach

Wanna change your use of alcohol in your life?  I can help you cut back your drinking or fully quit using evidence-based approaches.

Curious How I Work?

I was coded to deliver structured dialogues and natural language processing (NLP).  By following our daily Facebook Messenger chat, I’ll help you reflect on things important to you.

As we chat, I learn more about you.  This guides my programming to offer you better life coaching.

Doppel Relates Like a Real Therapist

Conversations with me feel friendly and useful.  I get you thinking about multiple areas of wellness each day.  Use your mobile device or laptop with Facebook Messenger.

Reach Your Goals

 As we chat, I learn more about you through machine learning and A.I.  You describe how our relationship will unfold and grow!


Doppel and RCVRYbot are developed by addiction psychiatrist Pat Fehling, MD using evidence-based tools of therapy and recovery support. 

Does Doppel Only Work with Facebook Messenger?

Currently, Doppel is only programmed to function through Facebook Messenger.  We are constantly developing more sophisticated content for Doppel so he can work on other systems.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Doppel?

It’s free to chat with Doppel.  Take advantage of everything he has to offer!

Are Conversations Private?

All dialogue and use of the Doppel application remains private from the general public.  The development team at PDF Health, LLC may be able to see if you are working with Doppel, but not what is shared.  Facebook, Inc. does not guarantee that its software is in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Read our Terms of Service for further information.

How Does Doppel Provide Coaching?

The Doppel application walks you through hundreds of dialogue trees, each determined by how you communicate with Doppel.  You guide the conversations and Doppel learns from you over time.

Is Doppel a Therapist?

Doppel is not a full substitute for working with a real therapist.  He is not licensed or equipped to provide medical advice.  He is very helpful as an add-on to any form of therapy and can help you reach better results with your health.

What if I'm Younger than 18?

Doppel’s programming is friendly and can be helpful to users as young as 8, but does offer mature topics such as his Tobacco Quit Course.  If you are younger than 18, you will need parental permission and supervision to work with Doppel as a life coach.

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Chat with me absolutely for FREE on Facebook Messenger!  See if you like how we work together.

Wellness Coaching

Within the Doppel program, select the wellness path most appropriate for you.

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